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File: 1698445507017.jpg–(260.04KB, 800x1070, 800px-Fleetwood_Mac_Rumours_trade_ad_Billboard_197)
Who's the best Fleetwood Mac vocalist? In a Nicks v McVie scenario, I gotta go with Mac
Dreams is nice, but You Make Loving Fun and Little Lies blows that solo bitch out of the water
¨ No.463
I love Stevie so much but oh my god Christine McVie can make me cry with her voice. “You Make Loving Fun” may be my favorite FM song from the Buckingham-Nicks era, it’s definitely my favorite off Rumours. Don’t get me wrong though, I adore Stevie and she is a phenomenal songwriter and vocalist. Her solo work is absolutely killer, but something about Christine’s material for Fleetwood Mac makes me feel things
¨ No.506
its fleetwood mac
its all really good stuff

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