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File: 1683832080496.jpg–(737.41KB, 850x1195, aqua drunk.jpg)
I wish i had a girlfriendw.
¨ No.237  >>238, >>240
1694643862947.jpg–(217.33KB, 695x982, __aqua_kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo_drawn)
update: i almost got one but she moved away
¨ No.238
omegalul dab on em
¨ No.240
>>237 rip
¨ No.488  >>490
1700195784314.jpg–(249.51KB, 850x1152, aquabutt.jpg)
update: another girl i knew cuddled with me outside in the cold
then she also moved away to europe
i hung out with the first girl a few times when she visits back but i wont be able to make her my gf

still wishing i had a girlfriendw
¨ No.490
Aww, sorry to hear.
Glad you two were able to cuddle before she left.

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