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No.425  [Reply]  >>429
whoever's mass reporting every post
can u don't?
¨ No.426
If you need to report threads, please email me at bigbully@619chan.org.

Thank you.
¨ No.429  >>431
where tf is the report button anyway, I wanted to report something last week and I only saw the delete button
¨ No.431
I did enable it recently, but someone was going around mass reporting every post and it was getting annoying to clear up lol. On top of that, there seems to be a bug where it hides posts when we try to approve them.

We'll just use the email for the time being. Plus we have mods here that do check regularly as much as possible.

File: 1694428611687.jpg–(185.44KB, 865x531, 5~2.jpg)
No.231  [Reply]
Anyone knows a board for ipcam porn
¨ No.233  >>409
¨ No.409
1697085005772.png–(88.97KB, 1500x1634, fucking come on.png)
not cool dued
¨ No.419

Embed: he's girlfriend broke up with him just to be with another guy #shorts #anime #animeedit #animelove–(YouTube)
No.415  [Reply]
Kazuya don't deserve this
¨ No.417
1697133967058.png–(384.15KB, 600x375, Rey-Mysterio-sad.png)
I can hold back only so many tears...

No.401  [Reply]
shitdick won
¨ No.402  >>406
yep yessir indeeder!
¨ No.406
¨ No.410
1697097090256.jpg–(9.02KB, 225x225, 1683147218893198.jpg)
we love shitdick

No.408  [Reply]
rey mysterio won

No.407  [Reply]

File: 1696819716410.swf–(2.42MB, 320x240, 1696818119840.swf)
No.390  [Reply]
We can .swf nao
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¨ No.398  >>399
you can use the Ruffle add-on to play swfs
¨ No.399  >>400
>install a security risk on your computer so you can play outdated bullshit
Sure Jan.
¨ No.400
Ruffle's pretty safe, dunno if you meant Flash itself (which can have vulns fair enough).

File: 1696550345712.jpg–(59.67KB, 600x300, rey-Copia-3420975789.jpg)
No.347  [Reply]  >>351
Reminder that Rey Mysterio killed Perro Aguayo
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¨ No.391  >>397
who else did rey mysterio kill and why did they probably deserve it anyway?
¨ No.395
>On 3 July 2019, Aguayo died at the age of 73, his death was announced through a social media post by the "Los Perros del Mal" account. According to them, his death was caused by a heart attack.
wtf ReyRey literally gave this dude a heart attack and killed him
¨ No.397
1696908867600.jpg–(16.71KB, 300x400, diesel1_display_image-3004423408.jpg)
I don't know about kill but rumor has it he was there as a wee lad, on that hot, hot summer night in '93

File: 1696555323340.jpg–(90.26KB, 640x853, d0jwz7hcv6z21.jpg)
No.353  [Reply]
The add said this was for any type of fighting you buttholes ):<

Where am i supposed to discuss BJJ
¨ No.393
1696823567656.jpg–(87.62KB, 1080x1920, xhmawq7qaae81.jpg)

File: 1696289284011.jpg–(20.79KB, 290x290, kimchi.jpg)
No.319  [Reply]
Kimchi will make you strong wrestler ^__^
¨ No.328
1696398264118.jpg–(273.04KB, 1440x960, sumo_wrestler_in_japan__2878963194[1].jpg)
I wish I could fuck a sumo wrestler
¨ No.339  >>392
NO! That is dirty jjokbari wrestler!
¨ No.392
1696823233784.png–(9.59KB, 563x761, Ih5km1RE3ReUehXGwM0zO4Boyh8-QuEVTUvpTOdMrwg.png)
nips and chons will bitch about one another, the go on to wank to one another's porn later on

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