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Embed: Rey Mysterio entrance video–(YouTube)
No.358 Stickied  [Reply]
Consider joining the steam group for gaming shit.

No.562  [Reply]
chill pedozigger community
¨ No.564
Hey we're trying to get rid of the fedbots as much as possible.
It's hard when we're all busy.
Bear with us.

File: 1685900715343.jpg–(270.54KB, 3840x2160, TrollFace.jpg)
No.88  [Reply]
good morning 619chan
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¨ No.130
checked dubs
¨ No.138
good morning
¨ No.507
hi babe

File: 1698445507017.jpg–(260.04KB, 800x1070, 800px-Fleetwood_Mac_Rumours_trade_ad_Billboard_197)
No.457  [Reply]
Who's the best Fleetwood Mac vocalist? In a Nicks v McVie scenario, I gotta go with Mac
Dreams is nice, but You Make Loving Fun and Little Lies blows that solo bitch out of the water
¨ No.463
I love Stevie so much but oh my god Christine McVie can make me cry with her voice. “You Make Loving Fun” may be my favorite FM song from the Buckingham-Nicks era, it’s definitely my favorite off Rumours. Don’t get me wrong though, I adore Stevie and she is a phenomenal songwriter and vocalist. Her solo work is absolutely killer, but something about Christine’s material for Fleetwood Mac makes me feel things
¨ No.506
its fleetwood mac
its all really good stuff

File: 1696823891291.jpg–(107.24KB, 828x1792, EEI5czfX4AELrAp[1])
No.394  [Reply]
posting some more cute mexicans
mmm that guy has some great tits and belly
¨ No.421
¨ No.422
¨ No.493

File: 1683832080496.jpg–(737.41KB, 850x1195, aqua drunk.jpg)
No.33  [Reply]
I wish i had a girlfriendw.
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¨ No.240
>>237 rip
¨ No.488  >>490
1700195784314.jpg–(249.51KB, 850x1152, aquabutt.jpg)
update: another girl i knew cuddled with me outside in the cold
then she also moved away to europe
i hung out with the first girl a few times when she visits back but i wont be able to make her my gf

still wishing i had a girlfriendw
¨ No.490
Aww, sorry to hear.
Glad you two were able to cuddle before she left.

File: 1699132957940.jpg–(48.52KB, 719x875, postWhileWatchingGayPorn.jpg)
No.472  [Reply]

No.435  [Reply]  >>438
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¨ No.443
Nothing happens.
¨ No.448  >>450
1698047454922.jpg–(271.56KB, 1079x891, shit taste.jpg)
holy shit 619fag are you a teenbro
¨ No.450
I am in fact a zoomer (but like 22)

File: 1697105698734.png–(23.33KB, 260x264, killfaggots.png)
No.412  [Reply]  >>447
This site has a dedicated faggot board: https://619chan.org/trap/

Do not support this pro LGBTQ+ faggot site. Leave and don't give them your posts.

(Sorry bro I can't hear what you're saying with all that dick in your mouth.)
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¨ No.418
1697164268599.mp4–(170.23KB, 854x480, 0:00, without_further_interuption_lets_celebrate_and_suc)
faggots are based
¨ No.436
1697658060239.jpg–(912.51KB, 1414x2000, UmaDelicia.jpg)
I separate the 2D world from the 3D, so it doesn't matter how much I masturbate to trap bussy I will never be gay.
¨ No.447
It's traps how is it gay?

No.425  [Reply]  >>429
whoever's mass reporting every post
can u don't?
¨ No.426
If you need to report threads, please email me at bigbully@619chan.org.

Thank you.
¨ No.429  >>431
where tf is the report button anyway, I wanted to report something last week and I only saw the delete button
¨ No.431
I did enable it recently, but someone was going around mass reporting every post and it was getting annoying to clear up lol. On top of that, there seems to be a bug where it hides posts when we try to approve them.

We'll just use the email for the time being. Plus we have mods here that do check regularly as much as possible.

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